What is Carbon Steel Hollow Section Pipe used for?

//What is Carbon Steel Hollow Section Pipe used for?

What is Carbon Steel Hollow Section Pipe used for?

Carbon Steel Hollow Section Pipe are also known as round steel tubes. It is one of the common types of steel sections that are used in a variety of formats in various industries.

Carbon Steel Hollow Section Pipes are usually used in a number of mechanical,structural and construction areas. They have good strength and softening, with consistent mechanical properties. These tubes are suitable for applications at low temperatures.

The steel sections are rolled from slit steel sheet or steel coil. The slit strip of steel coil goes through the forming and sizing section in a normal cold forming steel mill. The mill comprises of a number of passes through which the sheet is slowly formed. Each pass bends the steel sheet more and more and changes the radii. This process is done until the two ends of steel are pressed together and then welded inline.

Generally, these Hollowed steel pipes have high deformability, high corrosion resistance capacity, high toughness, and higher strength. These Hollow SS Pipes can be easily customizable. They are used for building sewages and water pipes. According to the different applications, the carbon steel Hollow pipes have different diameters.

Applications of Carbon Steel Hollow Section Pipe

  • Carbon Steel Structural Hollow Sections Tubes are extensively used in dissimilar applications that include chemical industries, petrochemical industries, line pipes for oil and gas, pipes for agriculture, structural, pipes for oil & water wells, construction, pilling requirements.
  • The CS Hollow Section Pipes are used in onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines that require critical service, high performance and tight tolerances.
  • Hollow Section Pipes is also being used for low pressure liquid delivery, such as gas, water, and oil.
  • Carbon Steel Structural Hollow Section Pipes are constructed and designed using esteemed technology to ensure the durability.
  • These CS Structural Hollow Sections Pipes are used to close the ends of the piping systems, which is of commercial quality and is tested according to the customers’ specifications. The Hollow Section Tube Manufacturers in India offers this product that are well-known for various characteristics such as durability, fine finishing, corrosion resistance and dimensional accuracy.
  • CS Hollow Section Pipes also find their applications in the manufacturing of Vehicle Construction, Offshore Structures, Agricultural Equipment, Machine Construction, Axles, Structural Engineering, Cranes, Structural Steel Projects (airports, stadiums, bridges, etc.)

The Hollow Section Tubes are known for their High strength, High Durability, Strong, Robust design, Sturdy construction,Fine Finishing, Long service life, Non-corrosive,Efficient, Highly functional, Sturdy construction, and more.

The advantages of these tubes are they have High Strength, Resistant High Mechanical Stresses, Resistant to High Pressure, and Resistant to High Temperature, Good Formality and they are also Reusable.

The strength and weldability is excellent and is fully stress relieved with uniform mechanical properties. These Carbon Steel Structural Hollow Section Pipes are suitable for low-temperature applications and are fully certified. These are some of the features and benefits of CS Hollow Section Pipes.

Owing to all the excellent usages and benefits of the CS Hollow Section Pipes, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, specifications, dimensions as well as in custom sizes.

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